John Hess

Woven Textiles

Tilted WavesConstellations  ParabolasWinged Genie

Tilted Waves

Salt Lake City

Woven and painted cotton twill fabric and metallic circular discs laminated to fabric patterns and mounted on two canted wood backings

Painted cotton twill wth metallic discs
Diptych,eech 19“w x 28“h x 6“d


Salt Lake City

A two section weaving mounted together as one, depicting painted, planetary constellations in various dimensions.

Fabric paint on cotton twill pattern
Diptych,each 18“w x 26“h x 3.5“d


Salt Lake City

Four woven parabolas, each with painted, alternating half circles and mounted on raised and painted wood mounts.

Cotton twill pattern weave, fabric paint
36“w x 36“h x 4“d


Winged Genie

Salt Lake City

A woven, winged shaped sculpture, mounted on four 13 inches x 4 inches painted ellipses, creating a dimension change.

Cotton and mohair pattern weave, painted wood strips
34“w x 23“h x 4“d